Budgeting, forecasting platform, operational data warehouse - Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Our comprehensive solution for Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Financial Intelligence with Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning, Workflow Management and Process Optimisation in your organisation – with integrated product sales market data streams for global pharmaceutical companies



  • Improvement of budget planning processes and ongoing control of budget implementation
  • Supporting sales and marketing planning
  • Planning budgets for products
  • Include historical data and market outlook in these processes, based on data from independent institutions such as the IFS





MATRIX Business Intelligence:

  • Development and implementation of a proprietary BI system that integrates historical data and allows for budget planning and ongoing control of budget execution
  • Streamlining information flow and reporting processes for the entire organisation
  • Tools supporting cost control and marketing planning
  • Tools supporting the planning of resources necessary for the implementation of sales and production plans, including an HR module for employment planning
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  • Acceleration of budget planning processes, increasing accuracy and reducing risk
  • Improvement of controlling processes
  • Enabling quick budget correction and adjustment to the current situation
  • The same level of knowledge across the organisation
  • Ease in predicting the results of specific marketing and sales planning activities