Maintenance of IT environments, 24/7/365

The gool is to support the company from the technological side, enabling them to focus on stable achievement of business goals. The support is provided on a continuous basis. We open up opportunities for our partners to remodel themselves to work continuously with the market, customers and partners. While still maintaining business efficiency and access to specialists.


How do we support our customers?

Through support in the areas of:

  • support of platforms, servers, operating systems, network infrastructure
  • support of e-commerce solutions, databases, web servers and portals, Pimcore
  • support of technological platforms, tools of our partners dedicated systems
    • in the area of
      • development
      • maintenance
    • technologies:
      • WWW, Angular, React, Aurelia
      • JEE
      • .NET
      • PHP
    • Integrations : WSO2, Mule, X4
    • E-commerce : Presta, Magento, Pimcore

Who we work for:

  • companies whose market presence is dependent on the operation of an online platform,
  • platform owners who process real or virtual funds
  • companies whose main area of activity is the Internet
  • companies that have ICT platforms and whose position is largely dictated by the level of confidence of their customers,
  • companies, which do not have their own team of specialists monitoring the system.
  • for companies looking for an alternative to the current method of maintaining the system, the current team 


What implementation looks like:

  • definition of requirements, inventory of services and architecture
  • definition of the team and required competences in project implementation
  • launch of support

Realizujemy w tym modelu kilkadziesiąt projektów,