Redmine Invoice Reminder

Make it easier to issue and propagate a notice to your customers about invoice incoming or due payments. Automatically send emails as a kind reminder based on invoices issued with Redmine Invoices plugin.


This plugin integrates with and work only with Redmine Invoices plugin (by RedmineUP) which we do recommend for any Redmine user.

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This plugin allows you to enable automatic emailing to your customers with invoice payment reminder based on:

  • Invoice due date
  • Invoice payment status (paid / unpaid)
  • Invoice linked Contact (recipient)
  • Contact dedicated Custom Field (CF) for the contact email address concerning the payments.


You can redact your standard email reminder template for subject and body by using macros (vaules of chosen attributes from the invoice). Invoice can be attached to the email reminder if needed.


Email recipients may be configured (e.g. customer, project manager, office manager etc) and some rules regarding the reminder issuance like:

  • remind on invoice due date
  • remind before X days (of invoice due date)
  • remind after every X days (of invoice due date)

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Setup instructions

Please ALWAYS make preliminary installation and tests of the plugin on development environment before proceeding to setup on production server.

1. Installation

Before processing it is recommended to backup your Redmine instance, both files and database (!)

Follow Redmine standard plugin installation steps:

  1. Upload redmine_invoice_reminder/ directory to plugins/ inside Redmine root directory.
  2. From shell, still inside Redmine directory, run rake redmine:plugins:migrate
  3. Restart Redmine instance.
  4. Open Redmine inside your browser.

2. Configure plugin

Please set:

  • email subject (you can use macros)
  • email body (you can use macros)
  • email address from (your email address)
  • attach invoice PDF file flag (for convenience)
  • client email CF (choose from the list)
    • please create a custom field for Contact object which will be used for getting recipient’s email value.
  • email recipients; you can choose:
    • client (invoice and reminder recipient)
    • user based on project roles where invoice was issued
    • specific user
  • rules regarding issuance of email invoice reminder

3. Configure cron

To enable automatic email sending you need to configure your system scheduler (cron) to fire the following command:

bundle exec rake redmine_invoice_reminder:send_reminders RAILS_ENV=production &> /tmp/redmine_invoice_reminder

/tmp/redmine_invoice_reminder is the place where logs will be stored (very important for testing your configuration)

Before using the plugin in production environment please DO test your configuration thoroughly. You don’t want to send your reminders (especially with invoices file attached) to wrong recipients. You have been warned 😃

Example (for Bitnami appliance under Linux - you need to adapt it to your environment):

  1. Open cron for editing

crontab -e

  1. Create the script, e.g.
export PATH=/opt/bitnami/perl/bin:/opt/bitnami/git/bin:/opt/bitnami/sqlite/bin:/opt/bitnami/ruby/bin:/opt/bitnami/subversion/bin:/opt/bitnami/php/bin:/opt/bitnami/mysql/bin:/opt/bitnami/apache2/bin:/opt/bitnami/common/bin:$PATH
cd /opt/bitnami/apps/redmine/htdocs/ && bundle exec rake redmine_invoice_reminder:send_reminders RAILS_ENV=production &> /tmp/redmine_invoice_reminder
  1. Make the script executable

chmod 775

  1. Insert the following line in the bottom of the file (all mails will be send at 6:30 AM from Monday to Friday)

30 6 * * 1-5 <pathto>/ &

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14-02-2021 1.2.1
 - [Fix] Compatible with computed_custom_field plugin

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