Redmine Project Specific Custom Field

Make Redmine ever more cutomizable with possibility to adapt your projects with different characteristics to your needs. Give more power to your project managers and unclatter your administration panel.

Plugin allows you to create and manage issues custom fields (CF) for individual projects seperately. This way it provides a feature for customization of the system per project basis without resorting to administration panel.

Project specific custom fields are managed in project settings and it is possible set a custom workflow for each of them adjusting it to your heart desire.


You can use Project Custom Field plugin alongside our other plugin Computed Custom Field to get even more powerful effect.

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Plugin allows you to:

  • Create, edit and delete project specific custom fields
  • Configure project specific custom fields by setting it’s attributes (similarily to Redmine core and global custom fields with some more options)
  • Set a project specific worfklow for project specific custom fields.

All these features are provided on project level thus making it possible to setup configuration by project manager alone without need of administrative support.

It encourages the project manager to adjust the project to his needs and offload system administrators in the process. The important and powerful side effect is that your adminstration panel becomes unclattered from project specific configurations, cleaner and easier to manage. Use your administration panel to configure what’s general and commonly used and put all the intrinsic details where they belong, below in the hierarchy into the projects.

Project settings


Manage you project specific custom fields under your project settings:

  • create
  • edit
  • delete
  • sort with drag and drop

Manage project custom field


Configure your project specific custom field similarily as with core (global) custom field. Set:

  • trackers
  • format, name, description etc.
  • visibility to roles
  • share with subprojects flag
    • this allows you create a nice multiproject hierarchy structure. this way you can facilitate further management, e.g. by setting List type custom field to be shared among several subprojects
  • computed flag (only with Computed Custom Field)


Workflow for the project custom field


Set a custom workflow for the project specific custom fields. Make their behaviour (eg. read only, required) dependent on:

  • role
  • tracker
  • issue status

Features under consideration

  • make it possible to manage project specific custom fields for other (than Issue) system objects too (provided by other plugins, e.g. contacts)
  • we’re open for your feedback and suggestions - you say it!

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Setup instructions

Please ALWAYS make preliminary installation and tests of the plugin on development environment before proceeding to setup on production server.

1. Credits

Redmine Project Specific Field is based on ande3577’ work which was released to the community. Unfortunetly, project seems to be abandoned. We really liked it and decided to rewrite it, support it and make it better with even more features (like adding workflow and computed CF functionality).

2. Installation

Before processing it is recommended to backup your Redmine instance, both files and database (!)

Follow Redmine standard plugin installation steps:

  1. Upload redmine_project_specific_custom_field/ directory to plugins/ inside Redmine root directory.
  2. From shell, still inside Redmine directory, run rake redmine:plugins:migrate
  3. Restart Redmine instance.
  4. Open Redmine inside your browser.

3. Setup permissions

You need to configure a Role with the following permissions:

  • Manage project custom fields
  • Delete project custom fields

That’s it! Please refer to description for further use of the plugin.

Try our free Demo

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*includes one-year of updates


2.0.2 (2020-02-02)
 - [Fix] Random crash after migration
 - [Fix] New/Edit form split vertical instead of horizontal

2.0.1 (2020-02-01)
 - [Fix] Upgrade from 3.4 to 4.1 caused db migration fail

2.0.0 05-09-2020
[Feature] Compatible with Redmine 3.4 and 4.1
[Fix] Project custom field list order

1.0.7 05-09-2020
[Fix] Selects in project specific workflow use class 'select2-ignore'

1.0.6 30-08-2020
[Fix] Use as filter had no effect

1.0.5 17-08-2020
[Fix] Custom field wasn't firing destroy callbacks
[Fix] Deleting custom field now show model errors if they exists

1.0.4 09-07-2020
[Feature] Workflow for project custom fields

1.0.3 24-06-2020
[Fix] Now it is impossible to reorder parent fields
[Fix] Custom fields now use proper scopes to restrict position field only to current project

1.0.2 16-06-2020
[Fix] Removed act_as_list and scope in PCustomField

1.0.1 07-06-2020
[Fix] Reorder handles now use project scope to order items

Initial release

Any question about our plugins? Please e-mail us at:

We’re open for your feedback and new features suggestions. There is always space for improvement!