An integrative trip to the Masuria region

📅 Extending the Holidays with Omega Code!

This year we chose the charming Warchały for our integration meeting. The trip began on September 7th under the sign of favorable weather!

🌅 First Day

  • Company Meeting: An inspiring speech by the President of Omega Code Ltd., Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz, which not only summarized the passing year but also provided insight into future plans and the direction of the company's development.
  • Exceptional Speakers:
    • Director of execution teams, Mariola Pruchińska, introduced us to the entire Omega team.
    • Technical Director, Tomasz Michałowski, told us about the possibilities of using #AI‍ in our work.
    • Mariusz Stawowski, Ph.D. from CLICO company, surprised us with a fascinating lecture on cybersecurity!
  • Gala Dinner: An evening full of emotions! Olga Jacek and Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz presented awards to those who have been with us the longest, building the history of Omega Code. And after dinner? Relaxation at the hotel bar!

🏖️ Second Day

  • Rest by Świętajno lake: Time for regeneration, sunbathing, and admiring the landscapes.
  • Field Game: We tested our skills! Archery was just one of the many attractions waiting for us.
  • Evening by the Fire: Nothing makes an evening more pleasant than the sound of a guitar and the warmth of a bonfire. And after that... time to party!

❤️ Thank you for the time spent together, for your trust, and for the projects realized with us! We can't wait for more shared moments!

See you on the next Omega Code trip! 🎉🌟🚀