Digital transformation services

We deliver solutions supporting sales, e-commerce automation, AI implementation, and proprietary digital platforms that will help you increase turnover and business efficiency.

Consulting IT

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your IT area based on data and select solutions that will help you optimize and scale your operations.

Diagnosis and problem solving

We will conduct a thorough diagnosis of your software problems and identify areas requiring improvement in order to prepare it for digitization.

Acquisition and maintenance of projects, legacy systems

We will resume projects that were started but not completed internally or with another partner. We will revalidate the assumptions and take responsibility for further developing previously established solutions.

E-commerce - B2B i B2C

We deliver comprehensive e-commerce solutions. We utilize the latest technologies, provide intuitive interfaces, optimize purchasing processes, and offer features that elevate customer service standards.

Custom Solutions

We implement custom IT platforms that meet the specifics of your industry and business processes, providing comprehensive service from analysis through design and implementation of tailor-made solutions.

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Inaccurate budget and timing assessment at the initial stage of the project results in exceeded deadlines, unhappy clients, waste of resources, and double costs.
0% accuracy in estimations

Working with Omega means:

Efficient management of production and implementation

Precise estimations

A skilled and reliable team of developers

Predictability and responsibility for product delivery

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Get to know us
Olga Jacek
Board member and co-founder

Olga is co-responsible for building and implementing Omega Code's strategy. In addition, she is an expert in insurance and financial intermediation.

Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz
CEO and co-founder

Mariusz, as CEO and co-founder of Omega Code, is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the development of the organisation, the teams and the technology area.

Mariola Pruchińska
Director of Implementation Teams

Manager with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. For more than a dozen years, she has led teams involved in, among other things, the implementation of ERP, CRM and dedicated systems.

Tomasz Michałowski

IT specialist with 15 years of commercial experience in the IT industry.