Stable employment, growth opportunities, and a variety of IT projects

At Omega Code, we complete challenging IT projects. Join our team and enjoy stable employment, individual skill development, and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that align with your interests. 

OMEGA CODE in numbers
over 4 years 
average lenght of employment
13 years
the longest period of employment
turnover rate
senior specialists

Join us if you seek:

stable employment
great work-life balance
variety of projects
friendly, non-corporate work enviroment

Working at Omega means:

With us, everyone has a chance to contribute, develop skills and be part of something bigger.

Learn more about our work culture.

Wybierz od jakiej szerokości pasek postepu bedzie poziomy:

We provide a great diversity of tasks and the possibility to migrate between projects, technologies, and industries


Our goal is to ensure the highest possible work efficiency and avoid unnecessary, unproductive meetings

Hybrid or remote work

At Omega, you can work remotely whenever you want

Great atmosphere

We value open, free communication and cooperation in problem-solving


Meet our employees:

“Being a member of Omega Code for 12 years, I had the opportunity to work on more than a dozen projects.

I value working at Omega Code for the opportunity for continuous growth, which is very important to me. The company has a culture of knowledge sharing that contributes to innovative and effective solutions for customers.”


Piotr Segieta
Senior Developer, Architect

“Coming back to Omega is like returning home.

When I started working at Omega Code in 2011, the team was just a few people. We were like family and friends. Today, there are more than 70 people at the company, but even so, the atmosphere is still friendly."

Jakub Woźniak
Senior Developer, Architect

“Omega Code is a company that is all about friendly atmosphere, professionalism and striving for development.

As an employer, Omega offers everything you need to work effectively, both stationary and remote. Frequent meetings and team-building trips are a great opportunity to get to know better the people you work with every day. I definitely recommend working at Omega Code.”

Kyrylo Sydorenkov
Junior Manual Tester

“They say the only sure thing in life is change. Thanks to the openness and trust of Omega and self-improvement in my spare time, I managed to change my position from tester to scrum master. 

Today I support scrum teams and I'm grateful for this opportunity, which gives me new challenges every day.”

Izabela Koper
Formerly Test Engineer, now Scrum master

“I value Omega Code for giving me plenty of space for organizing work, teams, decision-making and personal development.

I am happy to work with people who are open to challenges, efficient and transparent, who feel the team spirit and know that we are all aiming for the same goal."

Grzegorz Dobrzeniecki

What we offer

Why join our team?

Discover what you can count on by becoming part of our team.

Remote or hybrid work

Stable employment based on the contract of your choice

Continuity of projects

Clearly defined requirements and tasks

Participation in the decision-making process and impact on the company’s development

Advancement of your career path in terms of technology and management according to your ambitions and expectations

Knowledge sharing culture

Short recruitment process and feedback after every interview

Efficient onboarding

Team building meetings and company retreats


Luxmed medical package

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