Omega Code is a consultancy company that, thanks to technology, carries out company digitisation projects.

Omega Code is a professional IT services provider. The team consists of talented specialists with achievements in various fields related to the production of applications and IT systems, which allows us to create interdisciplinary implementation teams.

On a daily basis we execute dozens of projects for Polish partners and global brands listed on NASDAQ500.

Our clients include companies from the pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, investment, manufacturing and FMCG sectors.



We look forward to working with you.

Mariusz Kokoszkiewicz



We are a partner for the task:

  • implementation of IT projects, business ideas
  • advice on the selection of services and the model of operation, optimisation of sales processes and backoffice
  • support in maintenance of server infrastructure and applications
  • taking over responsibility for the already created platform and its further development

Omega Code to:

  • Collaboration with large, global brands: Teva, Mylan, HASCO, Abbott, CEZ, Castorama (KingFisher Group), Vienna Insurance Group, Provident (IPF Group), Gedeon Richter, Bioton - IT Projects (R&D & SLA)
  • Development of Lead Management, Retargeting, Lead Nutrition platforms used by Wirtualna Polska,,, AGORA
  • Technology partner for fintech companies (over 200 million PLN turnover in 2018) - WWW platform, Lead Management, antifroud&scoring modules, bank integration
  • Building Affiliate Platform solutions, used by Wirtualna Polska -, lead generation & nutrition
  • Support of online sales platforms for financial products and insurance Phinance, Vienna Life (Skandia), Compensa, Copernicus, DMAlfa
  • Construction of BI / customized / forecasting platform solutions in the banking, scientific and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Partnership in the area of WWW technology : Pimcore
  • Partnership in the area of ESB data bus integration technology : WSO2
  • digital transformation, RPA - UNIQA, Swiss Life Select, Enelmed, DAS, EchoInvestment, COM40, Lloyd Properties, ION Assets management, brokerage house (Alfa, WInvestments, Copernicus), IPF UK(Provident), DOZ, BIOTON, AGORA


Our mission is to meet market needs in the areas of Digitalization, Process Automation, AI, RPA. Support in the areas of:

  • Management of Sales Teams
  • Controlling the implementation of budgets and optimizing their planning
  • Reducing costs of running a company
  • Increasing the effectiveness and scale of sales, enterprise
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Security

Finally, to create an offer that will carry out an effective digitalisation process and bring our customers into the Industry 4.0 era.


We have received many awards, including

  • distinction in financial institutions category for CRM integrated with call centre - CRM BIS SKANDIA (Vienna Life)
  • Forbs e-Diamonds for e-shop
  • Gazeta Finansowa awards for analytical platform implemented for Provident


The analytical and reporting system developed for TEVA Pharmaceuticals Polska Sp. z o.o. and Gedeon Richter gained recognition from customers and an independent expert, Hogart BI. It is used to create budget plans for manufacturing and trading companies. It allows, among others, to create budget perspectives for a company, taking into account market trends.

Omega Code's partners include: eSecure, Hogart BI and Microsoft, thanks to which apart from standard services connected with production and development of IT systems we are able to offer our clients additional services, e.g. IT security audits.

Omega Code's analytical and design team allows us to effectively carry out tasks that require innovative thinking and an interdisciplinary approach.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Data warehouses
  • Analytical solutions
  • System supporting budget planning and controlling processes - Matrix BI
  • Reporting systems
  • CRM systems, including web and mobile solutions
  • Order systems
  • Lead Management systems
  • Extranet and Intranet solutions for brokerage houses, insurance companies, and investment funds
  • Invoicing systems
  • Systems automating information and document circulation processes
  • Dedicated systems for call and contact centers

In our implementations we combine experience in implementations based on licensed technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Qlik, BluePrism with proven Open Source solutions. This is a characteristic model of operation for an integrator who takes up the challenge of system development while optimising maintenance and production costs.

We work on the basis of project standards such as Prince2 or Agile and combine them with new techniques that foster a creative approach to problem solving and facilitate understanding with the client - such as Design Thinking.

We believe that the key to success in IT projects is communication and understanding between the client and the contractor and within the implementation teams. Therefore, we try to sensibly combine tools that support communication and information flow processes with the adaptation of the cooperation model to the needs of specific companies, projects and clients.    

Projects carried out together with partners:

  • Strategic Supplier Management
  • Support of IT implementations    
  • Adaptation and maintenance of IT solutions    
  • Detection of systems in terms of correctness and efficiency
  • Protection of business secrets
  • Information security management
  • Risk management    
  • Business continuity management    
  • IT security audits