Matrix - Business Intelligence is an advanced, modern solution that supports the processes of strategic management and control of business efficiency of an enterprise.

Matrix - Business Intelligence has been tailored to the needs of manufacturing and trading enterprises.

It is a centralized, web-based solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting - integrating financial and operational planning processes. The Matrix - BI system provides a complete insight into business activities and illustrates the impact of these activities on the company's financial performance through tight integration of the financial and operational planning models. The software enables effective implementation of planning and budgeting, while providing a platform for future development and automatic integration of business processes.

The built-in "flexible dimensions" feature allows you to identify and report on key sources of profitability and cash flow at all levels - at the point of cost, at the company, product, brand, customer and trading partner levels.

Matrix BI is designed to be used and maintained by subject matter experts: Management, Analytics, Controlling, Marketing and Sales.

The system allows for ongoing management of the company's profit and performance of analyses that predict revenues when specific cost parameters are changed as well as those related to the distribution and sales model.

The modules comprising the Matrix system form an integrated package of solutions providing the ability to analyze and draw conclusions from the past, allow you to monitor the current activities of your organization, assess sales effectiveness, and meet business challenges.

  • Basic modules of the Matrix system:
  • Module for feeding data from external systems (e.g. IFS, PEX)
  • Module for data integration, deduplication and standardisation
  • The administration module
  • The module of product analyses
  • The module of sales analyses
  • Predictive analyses module
  • Analysis module supporting resource management and distribution processes
  • The HR module
  • The controlling module
  • TRADE module - Sales management with a division into trading points and representatives. It supports the management of discount programmes.

Matrix - BI primarily supports the processes of strategic management, consolidation, and financial controlling in the dynamic reality of a changing market. It allows for real-time monitoring of the situation related, for example, to pricing policies of competitors and immediate response to them, as well as monitoring how these changes affect the implementation of budget plans.

Matrix - BI automates analytical and reporting processes. It perfectly facilitates implementation of analytical and reporting standards and quality management of these processes. All employees who report are able to enter data in agreed formats and use the same data, according to their authorizations. The time required for reporting processes is reduced by up to 4/5, and the management gains additional opportunities to perform advanced analyses by predicting the budgetary effects of specific moves related to production, employment, sales or marketing planning. 

Matrix - BI is a flexible platform that supports planning, budgeting and forecasting processes based on interactive access to all functionalities through a browser. Users may take advantage of any planning methods, such as:

  • Quantitative
  • Top-down planning
  • Bottom-Up Planning

Combining the above within a single application, a set of planning formats, a specific sub-plan or even a single format.

Built-in worflow allows managing the planning cycle in a multidimensional manner fully supporting matrix dependencies in the organization.

Matrix BI is a world-class application for planning, budgeting and forecasting without the need to invest in infrastructure (CAPEX), while being able to use the application's potential very quickly (speed of implementation). It offers functions for dynamic forecasting, predictive planning and analysis of complex scenarios as well as interactive consoles. The application includes ready-to-use connectors for: IFS, Kamsoft, Farmaprom and many others.

Matrix - BI (Costs Module) reduces control risks by providing a complete record of events, workflows, controls and verifications that ensure data reliability.

The software's Web-based architecture allows users anywhere to quickly, easily and securely enter, consolidate and retrieve financial information from around the world using a standard browser. With relational data storage, users have access to critical data anytime, anywhere.

Built-in flexible dimensions functionality allows you to identify and report on key sources of profitability and cash flow at all levels - at the point of cost, at the company, product, brand, customer and trading partner level.