Commercially supported plugins

We do support some plugins commercially introducing new features or making it compatible with newer version of Redmine. Your feedback and ideas are welcome!

Besides the paid plugins we provide the Community with a set of free plugins too - please find them below.

With respect to the Redmine project licensing and with appreciation for the Community we do not encrypt or obfuscate the source code. You are welcome to make adjustments to cover your specific needs.

By paying for the commercialy supported plugins you provide us with budget for development and maintenance of the plugins. Thank you for being honest in that regard!

Redmine Budget

Turn your time into money. Keep track of profit, cost and analyze overall financial performance across your projects.

Start budgeting


Redmine Schedule

Schedule workforce with ease and confidence. Change plans, find replacements, and get people to work.

Start scheduling


Redmine Project Specific Custom Field

Make Redmine ever more cutomizable with possibility to adapt your projects with different characteristics to your needs. Give more power to your project managers and unclatter your administration panel.

Make it even more customizable


Redmine Computed Custom Field

Make you Redmine even more useful with a feature that allows you to configure custom fields with mathematical formula that is calculated each time you make an upadate to customized object.

Make it even more poweful


Redmine Invoice Reminder

Make it easier to issue and propagate a notice to your customers about invoice incoming or due payments. Automatically send emails as a kind reminder based on invoices issued with Redmine Invoices plugin.

Improve your payments due


Redmine Leaves Holidays

Make your Redmine a complete system for leaves management. Integrate your leaves approval with the system time tracking and increase the transparency of the process to everybody in your organization.

Manage your leaves efficiently



Any question about our plugins? Please e-mail us at:

We’re open for your feedback and new features suggestions. There is always space for improvement!

Free plugins

GitHub profile

Redmine Inline Edit Issues

Bulk edit many issues and multiple values for selected issues in a convenient way. It speeds up consideribly workflow of editing the tasks.

Open-source code repository

Redmine Rate

Manage billable rates and costs based on logged time.

Open-source code repository

Redmine Impersonate

Allow administrators to login as any user with a single click.

Open-source code repository

Redmine Shady

Temporarily disable sending e-mail notifications triggered by user.

Open-source code repository

Redmine Edit Author

Change author of issues.

Open-source code repository

Any question about our plugins? Please e-mail us at:

We’re open for your feedback and new feature suggestions. There is always space for improvement!