WSO2 is a proven technology that allows us to connect and securely manage our customers' solutions.


  • First agile integration methodology
  • Shorter implementations and faster response to the business
  • Unique open source technology and licensing
  • Access to all features
  • Benefit from community support
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in
  • Additional upgrade value
  • WSO2 supports
    • EI handles over 6T transactions per year
    • API processes 20k APIs across 200k organizations
    • IS manages 50M identities globally
    • Analytics processes over 100k events per second

WSO2, benefits:

  • It connects everything to everything:
    • ERP, systems, legacy, cloud SaaS, as well as services and APIs
  • Supports complex implementation scenarios - accelerates large projects
  • Provides access to existing applications, services, RDMBS and NoSQL data
  • High performance, availability, scalability and stability
  • More than 160 connectors to other systems, services, clouds
  • Unified platform for own architecture, containers, cloud - saves time and money by better use of resources
  • Advanced tools - accelerates development and flexibility