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  • Quick integration of any source
  • Securely open API to the world
  • Authentication, identity, SSO
  • Real time event analysis
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WSO2 named a Leader in The Forrester
Wave™ Q3 2020.

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What is WSO2 integration?

WSO2 is an Open Source integration platform with 24/7 support option and includes: Enterprise Service Bus to integrate anything with everything (ESB), API managment to securely manage and bring your API to the whole world (API), identity bus for strong authentication and single logon (IS).

  • Compatible

    WSO2 connect anything with everything. It works with https, WebSocket, email, MQTT, JMS and many more. It translates JSON, XML, SOAP, REST, EDI, HL7 and many more. It routes, connects, mediates, integrates, validates, transforms.

  • Friendly

    Declarative language without coding. Easy error handling configuration. DSL domain language extension via templates. Script languages. Eclipse IDE. All components build on solid WSO2 Carbon Foundation.

  • Elastic

    WSO2 can be expanded with adapters and connectors. We expand 200+ WSO2 connector store with even more Omega WSO2 connectors to ease integration with IFS, AS400/iSeries, Eloqua, Jira, Redmine.


Give WSO2 a chance and concquer the digital world.

We build on leading and most innovative technlogies: SOAP, REST, XML, JSON, Java. Our programmers develop more and more sophisticated integration scenarios with various systems much faster.

  • Connect anything with everything: ERP, systems, legacy, SaaS clouds, services and APIs
  • Supports sophisticated integration scenarios – delivers big projects much faster
  • Exposes existing applications, services, RDBMS and NoSQL data
  • Fits well into cloud and on premise
  • Integrates with services and domain systems
  • Manages full API cycle makes future investments much smaller
  • Authenticates applications, API, cloud, mobile devices, IoT and suppliers
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Thounsands concurent nonblocking HTTPS requests per server. Full message streaming on demand.

EI processes over 6T transactions yearly
API processes 20k API in 200k organisations
IS globaly manages 50M identities
Analytics processes over 100k events per second

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