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  • Product Information Management
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Content Management System
  • e-Commerce
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Over 120,000 companies already use the Pimcore platform.

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Pimcore is an

Open source platform for product information management (PIM / DAM), user experience management (CMS / UX), digital resource management (DAM) and eCommerce.

  • Intuitive

    Pimcore uses the ExtJS library, which is why many operations are performed using the "drag and drop" mechanism. Everything else is done with sophisticated navigation

  • Friendly interface

    A great advantage is the very convenient interface that allows you to open and edit many documents at the same time. Pimcore can be extended with widgets and plugins, which gives virtually unlimited expansion possibilities.

  • Flexible

    Pimcore can be extended using plugins and widgets which gives virtually unlimited expandability of the system. Pimcore also perfectly performs tasks related to supporting large intranet communication platforms.

Functional area

Give Pimcore a chance and conquer the digital world with us.

We rely on the leading and most modern technologies PHP / Symfony, MySQL, Elastic Search, Mongo DB and Varnish. In a short time developers can create more and more advanced web applications and websites.

  • Information portal, full support for the publication of documents and management of the information system
  • Document&Material management, support of information management processes, support of distribution of electronic materials
  • Managing the publication process, managing the calendar of publishing electronic materials
  • E-commerce management, store management, billing
  • PIM management, support in the central management of the definition of a Product, materials related in one mechanism
  • Integration through the ESB  with services and domain systems
  • eLearning, personnel training system
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Pimcore is a powerful, ready-to-use and highly scalable web platform. It is used in a wide variety of global environments and in Fortune 500 companies that manage millions of websites, digital content and products, hundreds of editors and millions of users.

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