An inherent aspect of software development processes is the business and system analysis for the solution being prepared

In each case, the result of our analytical work is an independent and valuable product that provides a solid
In each case, the result of our analytical work is an independent and valuable product that provides a solid basis for further implementation work, or allows informed business decisions to be taken based on hard data and reliable information, which
and reliable information, which in turn optimises costs and allows the expected results to be achieved.

We help to implement changes in the organisation and evaluate the effects and business consequences of the project.

We take a proactive approach to our client's needs. We reveal them, verbalise them, analyse, document, validate and evaluate them before passing them on for implementation. We help to manage and prioritise requirements priorities. At each stage of the work and project lifecycle, the customer can count on our consultation and solution recommendations based on our long experience in working with customers from various industries.
We appreciate and promote the role of analysts and designers in software development processes. We are flexible and we respond to current market challenges. Depending on the nature of the project, our analysts can play the following roles hybrid roles, such as analyst / project manager, analyst / product owner, analyst / developer, data analyst.
We make sure that the documentation prepared is clear and understandable to the customer.

In our analytical and design work we use dedicated high-end tools (e.g. Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect) and visualize issues using commonly used notations (e.g. UML, BPMN), which significantly reduces the volume of documentation and increases its friendliness and usability.

Depending on the client's preferences, the materials are made available through an analytical model (documentation) in the form of a dedicated
web page or in a classic way (traditional documents). In ongoing communication we use modern solutions dedicated to remote work (interactive chat) and project management tools which we provide to the client as part of the ongoing project.